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Anna Pfeiffer
Founder and Management
+41 79 718 60 83

Gimme Five!

FIVE produces vegan natural cosmetics with a maximum of five ingredients per product. The Zurich beauty label was founded by Anna Pfeiffer, who finally wanted to create a care line with "zero bullshit" but full of transparency and maximum naturalness. True to the motto, identify the essential ingredients and eliminate the rest, FIVE dispenses with any unnecessary ingredients.

The product range consists of natural organic ingredients and does not contain any synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, fillers and emulsifiers as well as parabens and silicones. And they are also resource-saving, because the products do not contain any water at all.

Story and Values

→ Learn more about our story and how we contribute to a more sustainable beauty industry with our values.

→ Looking for clues to write about? Then check out the 5 reasons for FIVE.

Manufacture and Distribution

The products are manufactured in small batches by our partners in Bavaria and in the Swiss Jura in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive and GMP.

We sell our products exclusively online in direct sales to our customers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria via