Do you know these 5 benefits of neroli for skin care?

When you think of essential oils like neroli, do you think more of aromatherapy than skincare? Then we have good news: Precious neroli oil not only smells fantastic and puts you in a good mood, but is also a valuable antioxidant with phenomenal benefits for your skin. You can find out what these are in this article.

Neroli: 5 grandiose Vorteile von Neroliöl in der Hautpflege | Five Skincare

What is neroli?

Neroli is an essential oil distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree (with the botanical name Citrus aurantium). It is considered one of the most valuable essential oils ever.

According to legend, a French noblewoman made the magical scent famous. She got her nickname, Princess of Nerola, because she stayed in Nerola - a town near Rome - in the 18th century. There she discovered the precious oil from bitter orange blossoms. And because she always smelled wonderful, the neroli oil was named after her.

By the way, you can recognize essential neroli oil on the INCI list by the name Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Flower Oil.

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Neroli oil: where does it come from?

Neroli's origin is just as magical as the origin of its name. Fancy a little mental journey to the south? Imagine winding streets and sun-drenched slopes shaded by evergreen bitter orange trees. The fresh scent of the snow-white flowers is in the air.

Where are you? Maybe in Italy. But maybe also in Spain, Morocco or Tunisia, which are among the best-known growing areas for neroli.

By the way: We source our neroli oil from Tunisia and Morocco - 100% natural and organic.

In order to obtain neroli oil from the fragrant blossoms, a special process is used, the so-called steam distillation. Let's follow the trail of the precious neroli oil for a while to understand what it's all about.

Neroli production: what is steam distillation?

So you grabbed a basket and picked some orange blossoms? In order for you to be able to enjoy the precious neroli oil, the flowers have to be distilled. And it works like this:

  • Water is heated in a distillation apparatus, the resulting water vapor rises
  • Above are the blossoms of the bitter orange tree in a chamber
  • The water vapour penetrates through the small glands of the flowers, which contain the essential neroli oil
  • , as it rises
  • On its further way up, the water vapor takes the neroli oil with it into the condensation pipe

That's almost all. Because now the whole thing just has to condense. This means that the gaseous water vapor (we remember: it contains the essential neroli oil) becomes liquid again.

The resulting liquid is collected in a collection container.And then something really great happens: Because oil has a lower density (i.e. weighs less) than water, the mixture separates as if by itself. The neroli oil floats on top and can be skimmed off.

Good to know: The lower, aqueous layer is called hydrolat - in this case it is orange blossom water. Its uses are versatile. The fragrant elixir is often used as a refreshing and nourishing facial spray. In the Orient, it gives sweet dishes a unique aroma!

Neroli in skin care: Do you know these 5 benefits of neroli oil?

The oil from the aromatic blossoms of the bitter orange tree is particularly popular in aromatherapy. In our skin care, we kill two birds with one stone, so to speak: The great scent of neroli has a mood-lifting effect, reduces stress1 and can even relieve pain2. At the same time we use the care effect of the valuable oil for skin health.

1. Neroli is antimicrobial and antibacterial

Studies have shown that neroli is particularly effective against pathogenic germs such as Staphylococcus aureus3. These pathogens are responsible for skin infections, for example.

2. Neroli has antioxidant properties

Neroli essential oil has been shown in studies to be a powerful antioxidant4. Because of their cell-protecting effect, antioxidants are among the most popular beauty weapons against premature skin aging. Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of free radicals.

3. Neroli is recommended to treat acne

Due to its antibacterial properties, neroli is used in aromatherapy as a natural remedy for acne5. Bacteria such as the so-called Propionibacterium acnes are a major factor in the development of acne. Because these are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional treatment methods, essential oils such as neroli oil are considered a promising alternative.

4. Neroli has an anti-inflammatory effect

Neroli oil not only has an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect, but is also used against fungal infections on the skin4 and has been shown to be anti-inflammatory 6.

5. Fragrant neroli oil is our secret ingredient for feel-good skincare

The wonderful scent of neroli essential oil is my favorite item on this list. For me, the subtle, soothing neroli aroma is a real soul caresser, which makes applying cream and make-up remover oil a soothing experience for all the senses. I'll tell you what the FIVE customers have to say about it in a moment!

Precious neroli in the FIVE products - that's how the precious oil smells!

When I had the idea for FIVE in 2015, I made a conscious decision to make skin care products with 5 ingredients. The only question was: with or without fragrance?

To find out, I formulated the first products with and without fragrance. My test persons agreed - the fragrance makes skin care a pleasurable feel good moment. It's simply good to treat yourself to conscious self-care during your daily care.

And that's how I came to Neroli: For a long time I was looking for a natural essential oil that offers a multi-faceted fragrance experience. Fragrances are divided into three classes: top, middle and foot notes.Most essential oils only cover one of them - only in combination with other fragrances does a full fragrance experience arise

Neroli is different. It smells fresh-delicate-sweet-tart, even though it actually only covers the heart note. For me an absolutely perfect fragrance - exactly what I was looking for!

That's what FIVE customers say about the scent of neroli oil

Neroli is contained in our nourishing Shea Cream and the mild make-up remover oil. Both products contain the same amount of subtly scented neroli. In the make-up remover, we provide neroli oil with a perfect companion: cold-pressed apricot oil that smells delicately of marzipan and combines with neroli to form an unbeatable duo for pampering skin care.

Our customers also love neroli:

...the neroli scent of the make-up remover oil tops everything!
Nina H.

Before I used cleansing milk + cleansing lotion + separate mascara remover and now only this delicately scented make-up remover. For me, this has become a completely new cleansing ritual in the morning and evening and I look forward to it every time.
Daniela F.

The scent is light and pleasant, which is also important to me.
Monika See about the Shea Cream

Very pleasant feeling on the skin, both in connection with water and in connection with the serum. Top product with neroli scent. Thumbs up.
Tina H. about the Shea Cream

I am more than enthusiastic about the FIVE Shea Cream. All it takes are these wonderfully fragrant five ingredients and my skin has everything it needs! Best rating, without hesitation!! And absolute recommendation!!!
Ulrike R.

Discover our customer favorites now! You can shop the rich FIVE Shea Cream and the mild FIVE Make-up Remover here!

Allergies, pregnancy & Co.: Frequent FAQs about neroli

Essential oils are often associated with allergies. We often get the question:

Does neroli oil contain allergens?

Fact is, essential oils are quite complex - they contain up to 200 different individual components. Not all are potential allergens, however. So that you can be on the safe side when buying a product, we as a cosmetics manufacturer are obliged to list allergens separately on the INCI list (even if they are part of a ingredient ).

Neroli oil is very skin-friendly - but it contains the allergens geraniol, limonene, linalool and farnesol. Incidentally, you can find such ingredients with allergenic potential in many natural cosmetic products.

Is neroli oil suitable for use during pregnancy?

Neroli essential oil is considered safe for pregnancy. The FIVE Shea Cream is also ideal for abdominal and/or breast massages! Our composition of regenerating shea butter, skin-soothing jojoba oil, smoothing argan oil, as well as vitamin E and neroli ensures supple skin and a soothing fragrance experience.

Can children use our skincare with neroli?

Our moisturizing Shea Cream is ideal for use as a gentle wind and weather cream for children Especially in the cold season, it is important to support the functions of the skin barrier with valuable lipids. The special composition of the fatty acids in the jojoba and argan oil contained have a soothing and calming effect on irritated skin.

How intensively do the FIVE products smell of essential neroli oil?

The neroli scent of FIVE Shea Cream is very mild - I like to compare it to a subtle hint. Our FIVE make-up remover smells a little more intense, but overall it is very light and not obtrusive. The main focus of the FIVE products is their skin-flattering effect, which we supplement with the almost invisible, very delicate scent of neroli to create enjoyable feel-good skin care.

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