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The right skin care in autumn

The weather is changing and winter is just around the corner. Do I need to change my facial care routine? In short: yes. Do I need other products for this: Not necessarily!

The right skin care in autumn | Five Skincare

That is why the skin changes in autumn

Seasonal changes can sometimes be a bit difficult for the skin. In autumn, after the first cold days, there are more dryness lines, the skin begins to tighten or the complexion is already pale. Let's face it, the cold months of the year are a challenge for the skin. Why is that?

  • Falling humidity indoors : With the cold days outside, the relative humidity inside decreases. This has a direct effect on the skin. It releases more moisture to the outside and dries out.
  • Constricted blood vessels in the skin : When we are outside in the cold, our body focuses on warming up its core. In addition, the blood vessels in the skin constrict, which leads to a deterioration in the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the outermost layers of the skin. The skin looks pale and sallow.
  • Reduced sebum production in the cold : Our skin produces its very own cream to keep it supple and elastic: sebum. However, as soon as we are in the cold, sebum production decreases, existing sebum becomes tougher and can therefore no longer cover the skin's surface as well. The skin loses its own protection and becomes more susceptible to stimuli such as temperature changes or icy winds.

We summarize

In autumn and winter, the moisture content of the skin decreases, it is less well supplied with blood and produces less sebum. I guess you can imagine that this can lead to skin problems , maybe they are affecting you right now. Two pieces of good news: First, your skin adapts to changing conditions over time. So no reason to sit at home all autumn. And secondly, you can support your skin with the right care change and significantly reduce the negative effects.

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Do I need to change my facial care routine in the fall?

You should change the routine, but not necessarily the products. More on that below. What became clear from the previous paragraphs is that the skin needs more protection. And protection in the form of care comes from products containing lipids , i.e. facial oils and facial balms.

The fatty acids in these skin care products put a winter coat on your skin and ensure:

  • Less moisture loss: The vegetable oils shield the skin slightly (have an occlusive effect) and prevent your skin from losing moisture to the outside.
  • More lipids for your skin: The fatty acids in vegetable oils are related to the lipids in your skin. They integrate into your skin barrier and provide suppleness and protection and reduce dryness of the skin.

The focus of care in the cold winter months is therefore on facial oils, body oils and balms and you should adapt your facial care routine accordingly.

If you already use FIVE products, then you may not even have to buy a new product for autumn and you will already know the advantages of combining two products : The richness (i.e. the ratio of oil to water in the product) can be individually adjusted Adapt to the needs of the skin and the weather. So you don't have to buy any special winter and summer products, you always have the right care products at hand.

To do this, select the appropriate facial oil or Shea Cream and combine this product with the moisturizing facial serum .

The application is very simple: first apply the facial serum to your skin, followed by the facial oil or the shea cream, which you then apply directly to the still damp skin. (You can also mix both products in the palm of your hand and apply them together, whichever way you prefer.) The only difference in use compared to the warm season: While you used a lot more face serum in the summer, you now use more of the face oil , the ratio levels off at around 50:50. But please combine in a way that feels good for your skin. There is no absolute recommendation for the amount of drops, every skin is different. Try it out and find the balance for yourself.

For the sake of simplicity, here is an overview of suitable products for skin care in autumn:

Choose one of these products:

For dry, mature or sensitive skin: FIVE Facial Oil – Dry Skin .

For very dry or mature skin and the feeling that it can never be enough in terms of richness: FIVE Shea Cream .

For normal skin, combination skin and oily skin: FIVE Face Oil Balance .


Combine it with:

FIVE Face Serum . It moisturizes with rose water, which is bound to the skin by hyaluronic acid and glycerin, so that the skin remains well hydrated for a longer period of time. It ideally complements the lipid-containing care products, as these cannot provide moisture themselves. Suitable for all skin types.

This is how you maximize the effect of skin care in autumn

We all know that water is like a lubricant for processes in the body and that these simply work better when there is enough of it . Even if you cannot plump up your skin directly with water and unsweetened tea, a generous supply of liquid supports the cell functions of the skin. In addition to drinking enough water, you can support the skin with a healthy diet with a wide variety of vegetables, nuts and seeds, proteins from legumes and slow carbohydrates . Last but not least, the following skin care tips can help to get your skin through the fall even better.

Facial massage for blood circulation

Facial massages are very popular in the cold season. They increase blood circulation in the skin, which ensures a better supply of nutrients from within. At the same time, care products can have a more intensive effect if they are applied in combination with a facial massage. Here you will find instructions for a detailed facial massage . One possibility for a daily massage is oil cleansing with our make-up remover , which I would like to recommend to you.

Face masks against wrinkles

I always encourage you to use skin care products sparingly to avoid over-compacted skin. Here's the exception: sometimes, looking in the mirror, our skin tells us that it would like some extra love. If small creases appear that are otherwise not there , it is time to treat the skin to a mask. If you go through periods of stress or have slept very little, you probably know this. In these moments it helps to pamper the skin with a lot of care for a short time so that it can compensate for its deficit.

Here's how it works: Make sure that your hair doesn't fall in your face, otherwise you'll have to wash your hair afterwards. Now apply plenty of face serum to the freshly washed face, directly followed by a generous helping of Shea Cream. Gently massage your face for at least two minutes and then leave the treatment on for about 15 minutes . You can dab off the excess care with a cosmetic tissue.

🍂 Now I wish you golden autumn hours with well-protected skin.
Your Anna

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