Self-care rituals: facial massage

Deep relaxation and invigorated, firm skin these are the benefits of a facial massage. Our natural beautician Sibylle tells you how it works. Here's everything you need to know about the different techniques, timing, preparation and why your most important facial massage tool is your hands.

Self-Care-Rituals: Gesichtsmassage | Five Skincare

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Release with the facial massage

A facial massage after a hard day or on a Sunday morning is my favorite self-care ritual. Switch off and do something good for your skin. Because during the massage you only concentrate on yourself. You can feel how your skin feels - dry, tired, neglected? – uand how your facial muscles are doing. Pay particular attention to whether stress-prone areas, such as the point between the eyes or the jaw muscles, are relaxed or tense. The focus is now entirely on you and no longer on all the 1000 things that keep you busy. At this moment you don't have to worry about anything. During the massage you will notice how the tension drops. Your breath flows more naturally and you calm down.

When is the ideal time for a facial massage?

The perfect time for a facial massage is in the evening. So you can relax and switch off from the day. In addition, the skin can optimally absorb care through the gentle massage. This supports nightly regeneration.

Why is a facial massage so good?

Just a few minutes of facial massage delivers several benefits:

  • Your blood circulation is stimulated. The skin cells are supplied with fresh, oxygen-rich blood and better nutrients.
  • The stressed facial muscles are also supplied with blood by the massage. This relieves tension, which leads to a relaxed facial expression.
  • The massage creates a gentle peeling effect. Dead skin cells are removed and the skin gets a rosy, youthful complexion.
  • If you apply a serum plus face oil or balm beforehand (you should always do this), the products are massaged into the skin. It can optimally absorb the ingredients of your care products.
  • During the massage, fresh tissue fluid is supplied to the skin cells. This makes her look plumper.
  • The direction of the massage from the center of the face outwards to the ears and repeated strokes down the neck activates the lymphatic flow. In this way, the metabolic end products in the lymphatic fluid are better removed.
  • The beneficial effect has a positive effect on your complexion.

☝️ Below we come to the step-by-step instructions. Generally speaking, all upward strokes have a "lifting effect", while strokes from any point on the face to the ears and then down the neck to the Stimulate the removal of the lymph

Massage tools: do you need gua sha stones or jade rollers?

There are various aids that are pleasant and have an additional energetic effect.Gemstone rollers and Gua Sha stones have their origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine It has been using beauty rollers and stones of this kind for centuries for their positive effect on skin and body. Whether jade or rose quartz, every gemstone stands for a special, positive effect on body and soul. The Kansa Wand made of wood, copper and zinc, which originates from Ayurvedic medicine, is also suitable for relaxing facial massages.

Do you really need them? no The hands are the most wonderful tools that everyone has at their disposal. Therefore, this is a guide for a massage with hands. The advantage: the numerous tactile receptors on the palms of the hands make them extremely sensitive. This allows you to adjust the pressure and shape individually to your skin, connective tissue and muscles.

Preparing for a facial massage

  1. Clean your face with warm water and wash your hands thoroughly with a gentle natural soap.
  2. Apply a large drop of FIVE face serum to the face, neck, neck and décolleté. Then put enough FIVE facial oil on your hands with the pipette, briefly warm up the oil between your hands and distribute it again on the face, neck, neck and cleavage. If you prefer to care for your face with the FIVE Shea Cream, then take some of it and let the balm melt between your hands before you distribute it.
  3. Now your skin is prepared for the massage and your hands can gently glide.

How much pressure for the facial massage?

As it feels good to you! You can massage harder in the neck region and on the chewing muscles. In the eye region please only use fine strokes and tapping, as the skin is particularly delicate here.

How many repetitions in the massage?

I recommend repeating each step 5 to 10 times. The same applies here: Feel what feels good for you and which part needs more attention at the moment. For the eye area, I recommend doing 10 repetitions.

What does the massage additionally support?

  • Perform the facial massage in a room full of fresh air or outside if it is warm. So you can take in enough oxygen.
  • Breathe deeply in and out. This increases the relaxation effect and oxygen uptake.
  • Stay relaxed in the shoulder girdle.
  • Execute all holds slowly, carefully and lovingly.
  • Drink a lot of water! With the massage you strengthen various bodily functions. With a large glass of water afterwards, you support the removal of released waste and toxins from the processed muscle and connective tissue.

Instructions: How to massage your face

Gesichtsmassage Anleitung: Zuerst die Durchblutung anregen | Five Skincare

Begin each massage by stimulating the blood circulation:

  • Massage the neck and neck muscles powerfully with both hands. You usually find a lot of tension there, so a little attention to this muscle area is always beneficial.Only by activating this muscle group will you stimulate the blood flow to your face. So always start with this step.
  • Additionally massage the nerve points on the rim of the skull with circular movements. This will give you an instant relaxation.
  • Do gentle fingertip rotations on neck, first right, then left. Start below the earlobes and work your way towards the windpipe. This activates the lymph flow.
  • For a firm décolleté: Stroke your palms alternately horizontally over your décolleté. Then you do small rotations with your fingertips on your entire décolleté. First with the right hand on the right half of your décolleté, then with the left hand on the left half. Do this movement from the breastbone towards the shoulder.

Gesichtsmassage Anleitung für die Kinn- und Mundpartie | Five Skincare

Then you dedicate yourself to the individual parts of the face.

  • Tightening of the chin area: Spread your index and middle fingers. Place the middle finger above and the index finger below the edge of the jaw and stroke from the chin to the earlobe. Once there, you run your fingertips below the earlobe to the collarbone and accompany the lymph back.
  • Relaxed mimic muscles: Position your index fingers above your mouth and your middle fingers below your mouth and stroke outwards from the middle of your lips to the edge of your face. Right and left side alternately.
  • Kiss-me-lips: Lip pincher - pinch the lip area with both thumbs and forefingers and move from one corner of the mouth to the other.

Gesichtsmassage Anleitung für Nase, Wangen, Augen und Stirn | Five Skincare

  • Lymphatic stimulation in the cheek area: Roll up the index fingers and place them to the left and right of the nostrils. Glide on both sides at the same time below the cheekbones slowly over the masticatory muscles up to the ears.
  • Fine nose: Massage the entire nose with small rotations of the fingertips.
  • Fresh eyes: You place both ring fingers next to the entrance of the nasolacrimal duct on the eyes and from there gently slide up to the base of the eyebrows. From there, stroke outwards above the eyebrows to the tip.
    Still tapping or "tapping" with your ring fingers below the eye from the inner corner of the eye outwards over the cheekbone to the temples. Finally, run your middle and ring finger below your ears to your collarbone. You will probably feel a swallowing reflex. This means that lymph is transported away.
  • Relaxed forehead: Curl your index fingers again and place them between the eyebrows. Simultaneously pull both fingers horizontally outwards to smooth any frown lines. Curl all fingers except thumbs and place both hands on forehead. Using both hands, massage the forehead muscles in generous rotations, going from one temple to the other. Stay on the temples themselves for a moment and circle there as well.

With these final deletions you increase the lifting effect and the lymphatic drainage:

  • Put your hands alternately flat on the forehead and stroke the forehead upwards.
  • Place one hand horizontally on the middle of the collarbones and alternately stroke the neck with both hands up to the edge of the jaw.
  • Place both hands vertically on cheeks, palms at jawline. Sweep up to the forehead.
  • Place your index fingers on either side of nose, thumbs under chin. Line your face towards your ears with your index fingers.
  • Now place your index fingers vertically in the middle of the forehead, stroke outwards towards the temples and then down to the collarbone.

And now: Drink a large glass of still water and smile at your reflection!

How do you feel after your first facial massage? You often feel a nice effect directly. Find your skin plumper and rosier, your muscles more relaxed. If you treat yourself to a massage regularly, you will also see long-term improvements.

So treat yourself to some tender loving care for your soul and face,
Your Sibylle


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