DIY Recipe | Body scrub with turmeric and coconut oil

DIY Kurkuma Limetten Kokos Scrub

Winter is here and with it comes the desire to lie down in foam bathtubs full to the brim. If it weren't for the shriveled fingers, I'd probably hibernate in the bathtub. No matter how long the bath lasts, with a homemade body peeling for smooth skin, the wellness effect can be extended far beyond the bathing pleasure. And then you are prepared for the next date.

Body scrub coconut lime with only 5 ingredients

The sugar-based body scrub contains turmeric, which has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect and gives the scrub its beautiful colour.
Coconut oil nourishes your skin and protects against moisture loss. Organic essential lime oil is used for the fresh scent. Together with the natural coconut scent, you bring summer back into your bathroom.

For 200ml
140g sugar
55g organic coconut oil
2 tsp blue poppy seeds
1 pinch of turmeric
6 drops of organic lime essential oil
1 lidded jar for Bottling

1 | in a bowl mix the sugar, blue poppy seeds and turmeric.

2 | Add liquid* coconut oil and stir. The scrub will now turn light yellow.

3 | Add essential oil, mix the mass thoroughly and pour into a glass lid.

*Note: Coconut oil has a melting point between 21 and 25 degrees. Therefore: melt solid coconut oil in a water bath. Do not heat above lukewarm.

DIY Scrub Blaumohn Zucker
DIY Scrub Kurkuma Kokos
DIY Body Scrub Kurkuma Limette Kokos

Application and durability

Apply to damp skin once or twice a week after a bath or shower, massage in and rinse off with water. Closed and kept dry, the peeling lasts for more than a month. If water gets in, pour it out after use.

Tips for shopping

Big distributors: Sugar, coconut oil (make sure it's organic, usually that's the only way the natural coconut scent hasn't been filtered out.), blue poppy seeds (baking department) and turmeric (spice department). Drugstore: Lime essential oil.

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