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Make-up removal tips: 7 ingenious applications with our make-up remover

Hand on heart: do you sometimes go to bed without taking off your make-up first or at least think about it? If you feel caught now, read on. In this article we will tell you how you can use our FIVE make-up remover to turn the annoying make-up removal routine into a wellness experience for you and your skin. Let's go!

Make-up remover I Five Skincare

Photos by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels and Terc

Removing make-up – does it really have to be?

We don't want to beat around the bush for long: Yes, it really HAS to be . Why? Because this is what would happen if we didn't:

  1. Clog pores : Pimples and blackheads scream “Yay!”

  2. Bacteria multiply : The risk of irritation and allergic reactions increases

  3. Skin dries out : the result is a feeling of tension and itching

One would think that these are actually reasons enough to remove make-up regularly and thoroughly. Why does it still cost us so much to overcome? Let's imagine the typical scenario : You come home completely tired after a long day or a night of dancing and only want one thing: to snuggle up straight into bed. If it weren't for the annoying makeup, waterproof mascara and remnants of red lipstick. But it doesn't help at all. If you don't want to wake up the next morning with panda eyes on a completely smeared pillow, the only option is to use a make-up remover product. Said and done!

But the result is sobering, because despite a lot of rubbing and scrubbing, the waterproof mascara can only be partially removed. What remains is red, wrinkled skin around the eye area and a few fewer eyelashes each time. The whole face feels dry and tight. Great. This does NOT HAVE to be the case .

FIVE make-up remover: facial cleansing with a wellness factor

The secret of our make-up remover compared to conventional cleansing oils lies in its dual effect: it cleans and cares in one . The cold-pressed, vegetable oils not only remove even stubborn make-up residue effortlessly and gently. At the same time, they support your skin in regenerating to maintain a healthy skin balance.

This is what's inside the FIVE make-up remover: 5 high-quality oils

  1. Almond oil (organic): against moisture loss and roughness

  2. Jojoba oil (organic): absorbs well and protects against moisture loss

  3. Apricot kernel oil (organic): has a skin-smoothing effect

  4. Vitamin E : acts as a free radical scavenger

  5. Essential neroli oil (organic): good skin tolerance and fresh, delicately sweet and bitter scent

This is NOT what is in FIVE make-up remover: emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are added to many cosmetics so that the fats they contain combine more easily with water, as these two substances are normally not miscible. The resulting emulsion feels good and is quickly absorbed. The disadvantage: The skin dries out over time because the emulsifiers continue to work diligently even after it has been absorbed. Due to a lack of alternatives, they bind the skin's own fats, which are then simply rinsed off when they come into contact with water (when showering or washing your hands).

In conventional make-up removers, emulsifiers ensure that the oils contained in the product foam well when they come into contact with water and can be easily washed off. The FIVE make-up remover works differently because we deliberately avoid using emulsifiers. Here are a few make-up removal instructions for optimal use:

Discover our mild make-up remover for face and eyes

Take your makeup off! This is how you use our make-up remover correctly

Easy to clean: wipe and go

Apply a few drops of the cleansing oil to the palms of your hands and spread it gently over your face, eyelids and eyelashes . Then moisten a reusable make-up removal pad with hot water and first clean the eyelashes with your eyes closed, gently stroking from top to bottom so that no oil gets into the eye. Then remove make-up from the remaining facial skin using circular movements.



«I would never have thought of massaging the oily make-up remover directly onto my dry face with my hands and then removing it with a damp make-up removal pad. It's super pleasant, uses a lot less water than the washing lotions I've used before, is nice and greasy, you don't have to rub as much...great!"

Katya L.

Intensive Cleansing: The Oil Cleansing Method

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) works on the oil-removes-oil principle and effortlessly removes make-up, sunscreen, city dirt and sebum. To do this, massage plenty of cleansing oil into the skin (approx. 5 to 7 pump strokes) and then place a small towel soaked in hot water on your face. Allow it to cool while the pores open, then remove any remaining makeup and dirt. Feel free to repeat if necessary. This method is not only suitable for removing make-up, but also excellent for deep cleansing the skin. If you have problems with clogged pores and blackheads, with regular use these will gradually disappear and your skin will visibly improve.


Game changer!
«The FIVE make-up remover is actually a game changer! Since I cleansed my skin with the OCM, it is smoother, softer, flaky less and no longer feels tight. It took a few weeks for my skin to get used to the new method, but now it doesn't want anything else."

Vanessa B.

🤩 By the way: Thanks to the high-quality and nourishing ingredients, you don't have to completely wash off any leftover cleansing oil after removing your make-up, you can simply let it absorb into the skin.

7 ingenious ways to use our make-up remover

As you may have already noticed, our FIVE make-up remover is quite an all-rounder and is by no means just suitable for removing make-up. That's why we've summarized the various possible applications and advantages for you, a whole seven in one go:

1. Effortless makeup removal

Whether light foundation, eye shadow, blush, lipstick or strong carnival make-up: the make-up remover cleans even lavishly applied make-up effortlessly and gently , without leaving any residue. City dirt and excess sebum that builds up throughout the day can also be easily washed off.

2. Removing waterproof mascaras

Torn eyelashes and red rubbed eyes are a thing of the past. Our cleansing oil easily removes most waterproof mascaras because that's exactly what the oil is made for. But with some waterproof mascaras, even that doesn't help. So do the test at home: If your mascara can be removed with a few drops of olive oil, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil, the FIVE make-up remover is suitable for you and not only leaves it clean, but also Well-groomed eyelashes for the perfect beauty sleep .

3. Wash off stubborn sunscreen

You don't use make-up and therefore haven't needed make-up remover yet? Then it will be useful to you in the warm season at the latest, because sunscreen is an absolute MUST. And, just like make-up, it should be washed off thoroughly in the evening, because the strong UV filters cannot be removed with water alone - a clear case for our cleansing oil.

4. Suitable for deep cleaning

If you use the make-up remover together with the Oil Cleansing Method , you not only clean your face and eyes from surface dirt and make-up. The warm steam opens the skin pores and the deep cleansing effect sets in - for a radiant glow.

5. Nourishing face or body oil

In contrast to conventional cleansing oils, our make-up remover contains neither emulsifiers nor surfactants. Therefore, you can safely use it as a nourishing oil for the body and face. Simply massage gently into damp skin, allow to absorb and your skin wellness holiday with high-quality, essential organic plant oils can begin. The 2-in-1 effect is particularly advantageous when traveling.

6. “Pimp up” your face cream

Your skin feels tight or dry and you have the feeling “something is missing”? Then your care might be a little too light for your skin's current needs. To make it richer , simply add a drop or two of FIVE makeup remover if needed and voilà!

7. Avoiding waste

Single-use products are a thing of the past! To use the make-up remover optimally, you don't need cotton swabs or disposable cotton pads. Instead, simply use a small, washable towel or washcloth. We have put together everything you need for a successful start with our cleansing oil in the Oil Cleansing Method starter set .

And now have fun removing your make-up!

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